Book, C&O Rwy Series #7, C&O Paint Creek Branch & Handley Yd

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By Wendell McChord, Softcover, 80 pages

A Historical Look at the C&O's Paint Creek Branch and Handley Yard
The book has lots of pictures and covers such subjects as:
Settling along Paint Creek
Settling the mouth of Paint Creek at Pratt and Hansford
Discovery of Cannel Coal
The early broad gauge railway up Paint Creek
The establishment of Handley Yard and its expansion over the years
The narrow gauge railway up Paint Creek
Building the branch to Kingston by the C&O
The 1912/13 Mine War and the Bull Moose Special
Motive power on the branch line
The 1932 Flood on Paint Creek
Company towns and passenger stops on the branch line
Passenger service on the Paint Creek Branch from beginning to end
Paint Creek and the West Virginia Turnpike
Competition from the county road
The demise of the branch service and the end

This is the 7th book in the C&O Railway Series.  To subscribe and get all 4 for 2014, go to BK-14-779.  At $70.00 for the year you will save about 40% on the books.  If ordered separately they are $24.95 + shipping each (minus member discount).

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