Book, C&O Freight Cars 1937-1946

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Chesapeake & Ohio Freight Cars 1937-1946 by Carl Shaver with Al Kresse and Karen Parker 

This book is an encyclopedic treatment of C&O freight equipment in service in the era 1937 up to 1946, including many cars built before this era back to WWI, and follows them to their dispositions/last year of service, etc.  Each page-set treats a particular series of cars, including all types in use: hoppers, gondolas, boxes of all types, flats, etc.  Many of the cars treated, especially those built in the later years, were in service well into the late 1960s, and some as late as the 1980s, making this book an ideal reference for the modeler interested in this era. 

224 pages, hardbound

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