C&O Depots, Towers, and Other Structures, 1860-1950

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Chesapeake & Ohio Depots, Towers, and
Other Structures 1860-1950 By Thomas W. Dixon, Jr.
-144 pages
-Fully illustrated with photos and drawings

This book covers all C&O depots, towers, and ancillary buildings from the Virginia
Central era through the modern C&O structures of the 1940-50s. Emphasis is on depots
and towers (cabins) with considerable data also on the buildings that were necessary
to carry out other operations. Roundhouses and engine houses are sampled.
Appendicies also sample Hocking Valley and Pere Marquette structures without going
into great detail.

This is intended to be the standard reference for C&O structures for both the modeler
and historian. Both C&O official drawings and drawings prepared by Bob Hundman
complement the extensive use of photos. The treatment is basically chronological:
1860s-1870s, 1880s; 1890-1920, 1920-1950.

This book covers some of the material from our book C&O Standard Structures
published in 1991, but adds many unpublished photos and drawings and covers the
scores of structures that were not built according to one of the standard drawings
covered in that book.


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