Appalachian Coal Mines and Railroads In Color Volume 3

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Appalachian Coal Mines and Railroads In Color
Volume 3: Southern West Virginia
The Color Photograhy of Everett N. Young

Appalachian Coal Mines and Railroads in Color, Vol. 3 Color Photography of Everett N. Young

This latest Morning Sun color book featuring Everett Young's photos deals with the C&O in southern West Virginia mainly in the 1970s-1980s. Young, who has been an important contributor to the C&OHS for over 40 years is not only a photographer nonparallel, but his knowledge of the coal fields lines and operations is encyclopedic. This is the third Morning Sun color book featuring his work, and for me the best and most interesting, because it focuses exclusively on the C&O in West Virginia in the transition years from C&O to Chessie System to CSX. Those years from 1970 to 1985 saw great changes, and they have been captured well in Everett's photos.
The photography covers the large scale mines of the era, and includes not only C&O operations but several of the private mines that had their own locomotives. There is enough of the "old" C&O with GP9s and yellow cabooses to suit those from that era, as well as plenty of Chessie System era material and some CSX Everett's authority as an expert in this subject is without equal, certainly since the death of Gene Huddleston. It is gratifying to me to see his photos so well printed in this nice standard Morning Sun style book. I highly recommend it to any C&O fan, especially those who loved in the period 1970-1990. It's a great recollection for us. The book itself is a standard Morning Sun presentation with hard covers and color dust jacket. It has 128 pages, with endsheets sporting nice C&O stylized and detailed maps. It has about 250 photos, none smaller than 1/3 page and a number full page. Their display is very good and one can discern all elements of the scene.
Everest's previous two books in this series are:
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