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Calendar, 2018 Chessie: Chessie and the Children

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Chessie 2018 Calendar: Chessie and the Children

This the 84th edition of the Chessie Calendar, the most famous and well-loved calendar in railroad advertising history. We have selected images from Chessie calendars between 1936 and 1984 that show Chessie in the company of her favorite fans: children. C&O’s advertising department was constantly looking for ways to “humanize” their newfound kitten advertising partner. They placed her, in her traditional sleepy position, in numerous settings in and around passenger trains. To give her further attractiveness, children were added to the scene as a way to capture the emotions of the viewer. 
The theme of Chessie and the children ran throughout the production of the Chessie calendars from the 1930s to the 1980s. That year’s calendar shows two children playing with their toy train as Chessie, Peake, and the kittens look on. The train is a Chessie System diesel and cars. thus bringing the sleepy little kitten of 1934’s passenger trains to the modern Chessie System coal train 30 years later. This was the last, custom-painted image used in C&O/Chessie System’s calendars. 
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