C&O Railway Series #28: C&O Newport News, Virginia Piers

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C&O Railway Series #28: C&O Newport News, Virginia Piers by Kurt Reisweber

Softbound, 96 pages - 140+ photos, illustrations.

This is the 28th title in our quarterly History Series book series. The massive C&O operations at Newport News have never been written about in our magazine to any extent. Because the subject is so extensive and its history highly complicated, no one has attempted to define and explain it. . . until now! Kurt Reisweber, well known author of Morning Sun color books, has done a superb job of research and organization to present the whole story of the huge operation that was key to C&O's very existence.

Reisweber explains the background of C&O's coming to Newport News, and then how each pier developed, sometimes changing numbers.  The photos, most never before available, were taken from the Society's C&O official photo collection, many from negatives never before printed.

In addition to a chronological explanation of the piers, Kurt also stops and gives a snapshot of operations at certain critical dates. This helps the reader understand the evolution of the facilities.

Newport News was one of the two key coal ports to which C&O sent the majority of its coal. The other is at Presque Isle in Toledo. We hope someone will want to cover it as well as Kurt has Newport News.  This is the FULL story!  -- Tom Dixon


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