Stock Car, 40' Wood, with Decal Sheet for 5 Road Numbers

  • Model: MD-19-839


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40' Wood Stock Car with Decal Sheet

Although C&O was known for coal, it had plenty of other business, including livestock
transport from its many rural areas. Stock cars appeared on many trains through the
1950s, and only finally disappeared in the late-1960s. Accurail has produced a highly
accurate HO stock car that fits the design of C&O 95200-95299 series, the last such cars
the railway bought.

Available only from C&OHS! The cars are accurately lettered with the number-board
left blank. Each car comes with five decals so that the modeler may apply up to five
different numbers in the series.

Your model trains will have a little extra prototype accuracy if you include some of these
cars, along with a small pen/chute complex at some of your station grounds.
Limited special run. Reserve your model(s) today and avoid disappointment. 

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