DVD: Chesapeake & Ohio's Alleghany Subdivision (1960's)

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DVD: Chesapeake & Ohio's Alleghany Subdivision (1960's in HO Scale)

Join three railfans from Southeast Michigan as they take an amazing railroad adventure east to film and photograph the iconic Chesapeake and Ohio Railway's Alleghany Subdivision.

Visit the dispatcher's office at Hinton and, witness the Centralized Traffic Control (CTC) machine in full operation. Chase coal trains and manifest trains alike up and down the entire subdivision, including switching operations at Covington and Clifton Forge.

Tour this miniature recreation of the 1960's in 1:87 scale. 

During our annual conference, selling ChessieShop items directly to our attendees is a crucial part of making each year's gathering a success for our organization. The C&OHS's retail revenue at events, online at ChessieShop.com, and through our Heritage Center gift shop contribute to the society's operation all year. We want to thank member Mr. Mike Burgett for his donation at the 50th Annual Conference in Cincinnati of 100 "Chesapeake & Ohio's Alleghany Subdivision (the 1960s) in HO Scale" DVDs, which are valued around $2,200. With no cost-of-goods overhead to C&OHS, we were able to generate profit immediately at the Cincinnati conference and will continue to generate profit from the sale of these DVDs through ChessieShop.com. This donation from Mike Burgett shows the dedication and care so many of our members have for C&OHS and our financial well being, and deserves my personal thanks for his generosity and personal delivery directly to our merchandise room!

As explained above, member Mike Burgett, one of our modelers, hired a professional videographer (Delay in Block Productions) to create this superb video of his Alleghany Subdivision HO layout and its operation. The modeling is superb by any measure and the quality of the production excellent. Many modelers have chosen the Alleghany SD mainline as a prototype, while others simply like its ambiance. Run Time 36 minutes, Mike gave C&OHS 100 of these professionally packaged DVDs so ALL the income will go into C&OHS projects! We sold about two dozen at the conference, but we still have plenty left. Get a great model show and help the Society as well. 

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