Candy Box, Chessie

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Chessie Candy Box - 

AT Last! Return of the Chessie Candy Box!
After many years, we are finally able once again to offer a new
run in a new color of the famous Chessie Candy Box, originally
created for C&O management in about 1965 by Fenton Art Glass
These were first given as corporate gifts to shippers, etc. Later
they were sold by C&O PR department to the public. - In the 1990s
C&OHS sold a series of these heavy glass compotes in various
colors. They have been avidly collected both by C&O fans and by
Fenton collectors. We even had a special run done with our initials
on the base.
Since Fenton closed several years ago, this piece has been
unavailable. Now, Fenton's mold was being used to produce these by
another glass company under Fenton license. The Color is called Rose.
For those of you who have collected these over the years, here,
finally, is a chance to add a new one!
Your purchase, of course, helps us continue our historical work.
This is a one-time limited run, to ORDER SOON.
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