Clinchfield in Color Vol 2

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Clinchfield in Color, Vol 2

By Kurt Reisweber

-Morning Sun Book

- Hardbound

- 128 page, about 250 color photos

This is another of the realty great books authored by long-time C&OHS member and author Kurt Reisweber. He has been writing/preparing some of the best books that Morning Sun has done recently, in my opinion.

Clinchfield (Clinchfield, Carolina & Ohio Railroad) is one of those small railroads that gets a great amount of attention. It is of interest to C&O fans, of course, because of its direct connection with C&O’s Big Sandy line at Elkhorn City, Ky. It served for many years as a conduit for fast fright out of Chicago over C&O, up the Big Sandy and thence to the Southeast via the bridge-line aspect of the Clinchfield.

Like the Virginian, it was built late in the era of new railroad construction, so it is sort of a monument to engineering. Also, just because of its location in the Appalachians, it has superb spectacular scenery. It seems that no matter where you took a picture on the Clinchfield, it had a great backdrop of wonderful scenery. This book tends to prove that!

The pictures in this book are realty excellent in composition, and they very clearly illustrate how the Clinchfield operated as well. Kurt always uses a very clear, well organized, and cogent introduction, followed by good, informational captions. This elevates this book far beyond the usual ho-hum “another slide show” aspect of many color books. His is much more than that. There are plenty of great action photos, as well as some good equipment shots, all supplemented with track/profile charts, maps, and timetables.

Therefore, I highly recommend this book.

Tom Dixon

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