DVD: Cabin Fever - Caboose Cavalcade

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Cabin Fever - Caboose Cavalcade DVD

  • Cabooses of over a hundred railroads; by region
  • Ride a C.P. Van (as Canadians called them) thru the Fraser Canyon
  • See Williams Loop from a conductor’s view Point
  • Rides and trackside at many tourist Railways nationwide
  • Displays, various re-use including caboose motels
  • Variations in Latin American and China


For well over a century, the CABOOSE (aka Cabin Car, Crummy, Hack Brain Box, Monkey Wagon . . .) “bought up the markers” of every proper freight train. As many were neither little nor red, this colorful menagerie of way cars will keep you alert for sudden surprises. The lantern has swung, “Go Ahead” signal sounded, and now it’s time to hold on as the jolt has from the slack of a hundred couplers marks the beginning of a great journey.

Learn all about the history of cabooses in this 2 hour and 22-minute collection of historical caboose footage.

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