2021 Book Series, Volume #33-#36

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The C&O Historical Society has undertaken an exciting publications project called Chesapeake & Ohio History Series Books.

This series will consist of a book issued every quarter. Each book will treat an aspect of C&O history, equipment, structures, etc., more extensively than we could provide in our C&O magazine. Topics for these books may be continuations or expansions of magazine articles, or entirely new subjects not covered before. 

FOUR VOLUME SERIES $70.00! 64-126 pages, softbound.

2021 History Series Books - Descriptions

C&O's Pullman-Standard Passenger Cars of 1950-1971  This is about C&O's order 284 new streamlined lightweight passenger cars from Pullman-Standard Car Mfg. Co. in 1946. It was the largest order ever placed with a single builder, however, by the time P-S produced the cars in 1950, C&O's business had declined. Many were cancelled, others sold to other railroads before they were completed, and still others were delivered to C&O and then sold. They have a broad interest because they ended up on so many railroads including B&O, SAL, ACL, NYC, D&RGW, IC, D&H, VIA, not to mention Amtrak and some others. The cars have been written about frequently in books and magazines, but this book puts the whole story in one place. Scores of never-before seen photos; roster; mechanical drawings..BK-21-501 $24.95

C&O’s Peninsula Subdivision  Kurt Reisweber, who did the book last year on the Newport News Piers has now completed this excellent book about the C&O’s Peninsula Subdivision from Newport News 85 miles up the line to Richmond. This was one of the most important lines on the railway as all the export and coast wide coal passed over it. Superb research; many new photos, maps, diagrams, background history. BK-21-502 $24.95

C&O Railway Series #35: Chesapeake & Ohio’s Maintenance Of Way Equipment & Operations 96 pages with over 200 photos and drawings. Descriptions and data on C&O’s maintenance-of-way cars, tenders, and track equipment. This important feature of railroading is often misunderstood and little treated. Hundreds of photos as well as drawings illustrate C&O’s camp car train, and other types of work equipment.  – Ideal for modelers, who should have a string of this equipment on sidings near stations, cabins, etc. The book’s illustrations are mainly from the 1945-1970 era. BK-21-503 $24.95

C&O Railway Series #36: Chesapeake & Ohio Logan, West Virginia Subdivison by Carl Coulter

Definitive history of this very important coal district, comprised of material written by the late C.A. Coulter. He was a fireman and engieer out of Peach Creek yeard, 1920-1970, and wrote most of this material before his death in 1979.

The Logan district was the most productive coal mining area of the C&O from 1917 to 1960. At its height, it had over 150 mines on 17 branches. During dieselizations, it was a haven for Alco model locomotives. In the steam age, scores of 2-6-6-2s including the now-famous No. 1309. Also included are chapters on 0-10-0 switchers, RPO operations, and passenger train service. Very complete photographic treatment, especially in the 1940-1970 era. Maps, track charts, and diagrams complete the story.   Over 120 illustrations Softbound, 80 pages

BK-21-504 $24.95




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