C&O Railway Series #33:C&O's Pullman-Standard Passenger Cars of

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C&O's Pullman-Standard Passenger Cars of 1950-1971

by Thomas W. Dixon, Jr., with Karen Parker

80 pages, softbound, 100+ photos, diagrams, many published for the first time.

This is about C&O's order 284 new streamlined lightweight passenger cars from Pullman-Standard Car Mfg. Co. in 1946. It was the largest order ever placed with a single builder, however, by the time P-S produced the cars in 1950, C&O's business had declined. Many were cancelled, others sold to other railroads before they were completed, and still others were delivered to C&O and then sold. They have a broad interest because they ended up on so many railroads including B&O, SAL, ACL, NYC, D&RGW, IC, D&H, VIA, not to mention Amtrak and some others. The cars have been written about frequently in books and magazines, but this book puts the whole story in one place. Scores of never-before seen photos; roster; mechanical drawings.


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