Pullman Accommodations – 1948 in Color

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All Color Pullman Accommodation Brochure – 1948

Titled “On Dress Parade” this 40-page booklet illustrated with full color artist renderings EVERY type of Pullman accommodation available in the United States as of 1948, including roomettes, bedrooms, berths, lounges, compartments, double bedrooms, and many others.

For the passenger train buff, this is a great addition that tells you everything about all the Pullman rooms and types available as of 1948.

Each rendering is in full color and every accommodation is shown made up for day travel and a second rendering showing it made down for night travel. Additional pages with information about Pullman services.

Full color throughout.  This is a stunning and encyclopedic display of the sleeping car operations when they were at their height and most modern.

$12.95 as a digital download

Color paper copy $24.95 + shipping

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