C&O Railway Series #38: Chesapeake & Ohio Diesel Switchers

  • Model: BK-22-502


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Chesapeake & Ohio Diesel Switchers

By Thomas W. Dixon, Jr, with Karen Parker

This 64-page treatment explains the acquisition of all C&O’s purpose-built switching locomotives. Included are the ALCO S-2 and S-4 models, and the EMD SW1, NW2, S7, SW9 TR3, and TR4 models.

Each model is covered in a separate chapter that explains the design and how C&O used them, as well as a roster and mechanical data. In each case examples of all known painting/lettering styles are illustrated both in black & white and very nice color photos.

Official drawings for painting and lettering styles are included when available.

This is the most complete treatment of C&O diesel switching engines that has ever been done, drawing on all available official sources.

16 pages of full color photos included at the rear of the book as a color album!

BK-22-502 $24.95 Softbound 64-126 pages  


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