Chesapeake & Ohio Data Book No. 1: E7 and E8 Diesels in Color

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Chesapeake & Ohio Data Books

These will run 36-44 pages with 50 or so color photos of a particular series, type, or model of C&O equipment or structures/facilities.

They are intended as supplements to the data available, but to display color, which we can’t often do in magazine articles or books. – Therefore they often will complement previous C&OHS publications.

The first is:

Chesapeake & Ohio Data Book No. 1 -  E7 & E8 Diesels in Color

It is intended to expand, complement, and further explain materials contained in our Quarterly History Series Book No. 6, Chesapeake & Ohio Passenger Diesel Locomotives (still available as BK-14-781) by showing off about 50 different color photos of the E7s and E8s in all their painting/lettering styles from 1946 through 1971, with a description about each of the designs, when used, etc. Included are two official C&O painting/lettering diagrams, one of which shows the tri-color design and one the final “Big C&O” style.

These photos illustrate all stylings of the E7 and E8 throughout their life, including both sides, fronts, rears, etc. - All authorized variteties of design are shown as portrait-style views and in action in various areas of the C&O.





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