The Art of Model Railroading Video Series, Volume 3

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DVD & Blu-ray Discs Included: The Art of Model Railroading Video Series, Volume 3: Ted Pamperin's C&O in 1943 (plus Mann's Creek Narrow Gauge RR)

C&OHS Member Ted Pamperin’s C&O Model Layout Video DVD

A professionally composed/photographed video illustrating operations on C&OHS member Ted Pamperin’s fabulous HO scale layout, including very realistic operations, exactingly prototypical signaling, and highly detailed cars and locomotives. Included are Alleghany, Hinton, Thurmond, Hawks Nest, and others. C&O steam locomotives of various types; some 13-wheel arrangements used. – ADDED ATTRACTION is the Mann’s Creek narrow gauge railroad that delivered coal to C&O at Sewell, W. Va.

The scenes show over 35 trains in prototypical locations.  Added attractions are the building of model equipment and scenery illustrated.        

This CD was many years in the making, and the layout itself a lifetime work.  – Runtime 4 hours.

Highly recommended. – Tom Dixon


Total Run Time: 4 hours (with 2 hours, 20 minutes dedicated to authentically accurate railroad operation of 35 trains)

Train Video Clips: 974, with 885 in the main story line, and 89 in the interview (restaged for 1951)

Audio Sound Effect Clips: 7,242 in total, including; locomotive chuffing (8 different types), locomotive bells (3 different types), locomotive whistles (5 different C&O and Mann’s Creek types), Air Pumps (4 different types), Rod Clank (3 different types), Cylinder Cocks, Dynamo, Brake Application, Brake Release, Power Reverse, Coupling, Uncoupling, Train Slack (4 different types), Train Compression, Safety Relief Valve (2 different types), Railroad Car Click-Clack Sounds (dozens), Wheel Flat Spot, Flange Squeal (6 different types), Turntable Spinning, plus other non-railroad scene & ambient sounds.

Staff Hours to Produce: 1,655

Doppler & Echo effects added (after all, these trains operated in “the hollows”)

Panoramic Overview: Yes

Interview with Ted: Yes

How to Clinics (8), including: Military Train Overview, Wartime Oil Train Consist & Detailing, Military Troop Train Consist & Detailing, Military Armor Train Consist & Detailing, Scenery Foundation & Track, Scenery Base Cover, Flexible Foam Rocks, Early Winter Trees, & Scenery Final Assembly.


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