C&O Railway Series #41: C&O's Chessie, The Train that Never Was

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Chesapeake & Ohio’s THE CHESSIE, the Train that Was but Never Was

By T. W. Dixon, Jr.

96 pages, softbound, 100 + illustrations

The complete story of the fabulous train C&O’s Chairman Robert R. Young designed and had built for fast ultra-luxury coach service Washington-Cincinnati. It incorporated most of Young’s forward-looking ideas about how railroads could recapture passengers by giving them everything they wanted and much more than they could get in other modes of transportation/ It had dome, family cars, children’s theaters and playrooms, almost as much lounge and non-revenue space as revenue seats, new design observation cars, twin-unit diners, and luxury lounges one of which had a rather famous tropical fish aquarium. –  The train was, however, cancelled just before it was to be inaugurated because of financial problems and the cars sold to several different railroads.

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