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New Products

Model: CU-21-533
Price: $4.99

Locomotive in a Bottle This adorable locomotive in a bottle makes the best souvenir or stocking stuffer! Real glass bottle with a pewter locomotive ... more info
Chesapeake & Ohio Lightweight Passenger Cars, 1946-1972  By H. H. Harwood, Jr. This 32-page pamphlet was the second publication issued by ... more info
Handley Coaling Station Drawings - High Resolution This DS contains a copy of an article that appeared in the Nov./Dec. 2021 issue of the Chesapeake ... more info

Model: CU-21-511
Price: $24.95

Vintage Camera Pen Holder For those with a passion for photography, this hand-painted holder provides a perfect desktop catch-all. Organize pens and ... more info

Model: CL-21-417
Price: $28.99

Classic Chessie Sweatshirt Beautiful - full color image of Chessie in her classic pose on light pink sweatshirt!
C&O Passenger Station - Charleston, West Virginia, Kanawha Subdivision T-Shirt Representing C&O's Capital of the Coalfields Created from ... more info

Model: CL-21-412
Price: $19.99

T-Shirt, Chessie System Railroads Terminals The origin of this t-shirt design comes from a vintage Chessie System hat and shirt issued to employees ... more info

Model: DS-21-390
Price: $12.95

Waterway to the West -         A History of the James River & Kanawha Canal   This is the first time we ... more info

Model: DS-21-389
Price: $19.95

Alleghany Iron By Alfred L. Kresse 64 pages 100 illustrations   First published by C&OHS in 2012, this excellent book was highly acclaimed ... more info
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